A Hub of Filmmaking and Tourist Center

The Love For Nature

MKPORO JP AMAZON VENTURE is a typical natural African setting surrounded with streams and trees for the best experience of nature and African Historic view.


We organize talent enhancement programs, training courses and events, support and encourage tallented youths, we provide African youths with the opportunity to grow intellectually and skillfully

Home For Epics-Historical Films

A Home for Epic Movies: Epics are historical films often take a historical or imagined event, mythic, legendary, or heroic figure with an extravagant setting and lavish costumes,

Contribution to the Growth Of Nollywood

Nkporo JP Amazon represents a hub of filmmaking, a village that is solely dedicated to the industry of filmmaking. this village is strategically developed to house film studios, productions, training, distribution and marketing of films in Nigeriay.


A tourist center and the only film village in Nigeria, with 0.20 square kilometers. Equipped with props

Relationship and culture

we take bold steps to inculcate good morals and ethics in the African society we also a helping hand to the development and economic growth of Ihiagwa and Imo State at Large.

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome projects in Nollywood.
  • 1 SCOUTING FOR THE Talented

    We carry thorough background search and audition to enable us locate our targeted audience

  • 2. Excursion and Picnic

    Is a place for students excursion and practical study of the African History as it concerns the Igbo Land.

  • 3. Tourist Center

    A tourist center and the only film village in Nigeria, with 0.20 square kilometers. Equipped with props.

  • 4. Boath Drive

    Mkporo Jp Amazon is a recreation center.

    Few Recorded Projects and Structures.

    A collective documentation of our events so far as we anticipate to do more.

    Events At Mkporo JP Amazon

    The big Remarkable Events and Grand Opening.
    The Tradition Rulers

    Recieving Blessings from the Fathers.

    The People Of Ihiagwa
    Events At The film Village.

    One of the Leaders

    The Blessings
    Openning Ceremoney.

    Mkporo JP Amazon Events

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